Meet the Team:

These are the people who provide leadership and stewardship for Mother Africa. Without these incredible personalities none of our achievements would have been possible.

Sharon Stead is the Founder and Chairman of Mother Africa.  Led by her will to empower woman it was her vision and decision way back in 2001 that her company, The Amalinda Collection had a role to play in social responsibility.

Philip Stead bought into the vision many years ago and today, assists in strategy and logistics with the projects at hand.

Cedric Wilde is 3rd generation Zimbabwean, comes from farming stock and a family who never believed in philanthropy. Today, his tender heart and skilled hands assist in many of the operational, hands on areas of our projects ie building, plumbing, electricity and maintenance.

Teresa Williams – from the USA – has been a donor and volunteer with the Trust since 2001.  It seemed the obvious route to take to have her wisdom & passion integrated more permanently in the running of the Trust.

Betty Mazire comes from the NGO world and adds a specific knowledge on sourcing and dealing with bids and donor legislation.  She is a polio victim and has taught us that disability is not inability.

Paul Hubbard – previously our Project Manager for the Trust – has been an integral part of the growth and development of the projects we now engage with. Through his consultation, and relationships with the communities, his energy and drive will help direct the Trust positively into the future.