Our story

Mother Africa was established during in the darkest period of Zimbabwe’s recent history. It was a time of hyperinflation (prices were doubling practically every day), goods were in short supply and the country lurched from one crisis to another. It was hardly the time to be thinking about charity and community outreach, yet that is exactly what Sharon Stead, Mother Africa’s founder, proposed to do! And more…

Sharon’s vision for the Trust was to provide helping hands for Zimbabwe’s people, encouraging and supporting them in using their own resources and abilities to improve their lives, homes and communities. Today, this very notion remains the heart of Mother Africa and we are proud to continue rebuilding Zimbabwe one person at a time.

Consistent with this vision, Mother Africa’s mission can be summarised as:

“To create sustainable and meaningful partnerships within various communities and individuals aimed at educating and assisting them to live better lives.”

Meet the team that made and continue to make this possible:

The Trust was formally registered with the Zimbabwean authorities in March 2011 (MA172/2011) to access legal and financial benefits and formalise the obligations and expectations of the areas and communities within which it works.