Volunteering with MA

As a Zimbabwe-based volunteer organisation, we do not offer hundreds of placements around the world, but have chosen to work with a few environmental and community projects that ensure we can maintain a meaningful relationship with each one, and to ensure that your contribution is a positive one that does not adversely affect the wildlife or people you encounter. This is REAL ecotourism.

We only work with grass roots projects that have evolved to meet real needs in the local community or environment. You will be contributing your time and focusing your energy on worthwhile and rewarding causes, which makes a meaningful contribution to the growth and future wellbeing of a wonderful country.

We feel it is very important that your presence at a project is valuable not only for the project, but also for you. Many projects around the world are created to meet volunteer demand, and provide very little in the way of structure or anything worthwhile to do. For this reason, every project partner we work with first goes through a strict evaluation process to ensure that the project is valid, has genuine, attainable aims, can provide a rewarding volunteer experience, and has a sustainable plan for improved development of both the project and their future work.

With every project we create – or become involved with – our guiding aim is to make them beneficial to the local communities, their natural environment and our volunteers.