Wildlife Conservation and Research, Matobo Hills and Hwange

The Mother Africa Trust believes that every living creature on God’s precious Earth deserves to live a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, due to unwarranted human interference, some of these beautiful animals don’t get that chance. However, through the efforts of the Mother Africa Trust and volunteers across the globe, the endangered wildlife in areas of Zimbabwe are being protected and given the opportunity to live the lives they were meant to live.

We have a great respect for all of the fauna and flora surrounding us, and strive not to disturb the natural way of life, but merely restore and sustain its historic biodiversity. The Trust hopes to achieve this through encouraging volunteer ecotourism efforts. We aim to act as a “connector,” helping people who can help each other get involved in our philanthropic projects to save the threatened animals of Zimbabwe. We source funds and equipment for development and conservation projects in both Matobo Hills National Park and Hwange National Park; areas that otherwise would be at high risk of devastation from poachers. In addition Mother Africa contributes to anti-poaching efforts throughout Zimbabwe.

Conservation projects the Trust is involved in include the Matobo Rhino Protection Initiative and the Southern Ground Hornbill Research Project in Matobo Hills, as well as the Hwange Lion Research Project.