Welcome To Mother Africa

carrying waterOur Mission: Building Zimbabwe one person at a time.
Our Vision: Sustainable development of Zimbabwe’s people and environment.

Mother Africa was founded in 2006 as a way to build a better future in Zimbabwe. The vision for the Trust is to create a way for people to “give back” to both the environment and to the people of Zimbabwe. Mother Africa seeks to make a positive difference in the areas of education and cultural and environmental research & conservation.

Mother Africa works with volunteers from around the world at the same time, actively sourcing equipment and materials for our conservation, research and education projects. Always ready to learn and improve, our team are widely experienced, passionate and committed to building Zimbabwe in a sustainable, ethical and compassionate manner.

You're Making a Difference

cyrene painting lessonStory 1

We spend much time in local schools in the area and the kids love to sit alongside you and learn how the “big” world live.  Here, we were working with some teachers who volunteered from America and they worked for 4 days in the art department.  Expression through art is an amazing way to bridge the gap between vastly different cultures.


photo1Story 2

The old men and women at the Dete Old Age Home just love having us visit.  They come running to the car to help collect and carry the supplies we bring them.  Some of them so old they can hardly walk themselves but they still want to show appreciation in what ever way they can.  This definitely is a home that needs so much support and assistance.


hill climb


Story 3

Learning whilst on this adventure is part of giving back – here we take you to different rock art sites in your time off.  Matobo Hills boasts the highest recorded sites in the world and the stories that they tell will leave you mesmerized.