Scholarship Program

Mother Africa Academic Scholarship (MAAS)

There are a staggering number of orphans and vulnerable children in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. The sad reality is that if no one is there to provide for their educational needs, the end result is truly heartbreaking. It is said that, if we give the children what they need to thrive, we not only break the chains of poverty but we also break hopelessness and darkness that has filled the rural communities of Zimbabwe.  Education enables the children to look forward to a bright future and it promotes individual and societal productivity.

In recent years Mother Africa Trust has made significant positive steps towards offering children an equal opportunity to learn. Particular emphasis is given to orphans and vulnerable children as these make up a higher percentage of school dropouts if ever there were luck to see the doors of a classroom. Our Academic Scholarship programme offers full funding to deserving students from identified rural communities. The programme aims to support children who have not had the same educational benefits or opportunities in life as others.

To date, the Mother Africa Trust has awarded 15 fully funded scholarships. Our mission is to change Zimbabwe one person at a time and we believe one day we will get there as we engage more and more children.

There is no greater impact we can make on the future of our planet, than caring for our greatest resource, the innocent and deserving children who have been left to suffer. Education brings hope; education inspires, enables and impacts entire communities.