Our Projects

Handpicked Grassroot Zimbabwe Projects

We have carefully handpicked a selection of grassroots projects to work with across Zimbabwe. Each project meets all of our ‘Deed of Trust’ aims and has proven their dedication to the provision of local community or environmental needs.

With every project we create – or become involved with – our guiding aim is to make them beneficial to the local communities, their natural environment and our volunteers.

Our project prerequisite ‘Deed of Trust’ aims:

  1. To source and channel resources for community and wildlife development and conservation linked to enhancing sustainable tourism.
  2. To support children who have not had the same educational benefits or opportunities in life as others.
  3. To support orphans and orphanages with financial and other resources.
  4. To support disabled individuals by providing for some of their demonstrated needs.
  5. To assist rural schools, clinics, orphanages and individuals with specific needs by linking them with volunteers who can assist with those needs with the permission and cooperation of the relevant departments and authorities.
  6. To recruit professionals internationally who are willing to donate their time to support remote communities and wildlife projects.
  7. To support worthy conservation initiatives such as anti-poaching operations to enhance the survival of wildlife for future generations.
  8. To support the rehabilitation and replanting of indigenous forests.

To truly have a positive impact, we believe that projects must run long-term, be sustainable and strive to create viable partnerships with our local communities.

Our Trustees acknowledge that working with local communities and creating/supporting projects will be of lasting use and benefit to the people and environment in the areas within which we operates.

The Mother Africa Trust Projects

Mother Africa works with volunteers from around the world at the same time, actively sourcing equipment and materials for our conservation, research and education projects. Always ready to learn and improve, our team are widely experienced, passionate and committed to building Zimbabwe in a sustainable, ethical and compassionate manner.