Community Projects

A pathway to sustainable and livable communities

Mother Africa Trust’s top mission is to establish effective and sustainable projects that will improve the living conditions and the economic status of disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe.

Through eco-tourism and fundraising from guests who stay at Amalinda Safari Collection Lodges, the Trust has contributed to improved health, nutrition and sustainability of children’s homes, old people’s homes, and also building opportunities for better education in local communities.

Ethandweni Children’s Home

Started by Birthe and Bent Kristensen in 1997, the children’s home has faced many challenges during Zimbabwe’s economic and political turmoil but it continues to thrive. Today Ethandweni Children’s Home is in capable hands of Lucien Oosthuizen.

The home currently houses 42 orphaned and disadvantaged children of all ages, who come from Matobo District. The Mother Africa Trust has worked with the home for a number of years, helping to source funding, food and medication for the special souls being raised at this home. The Trust has introduced many volunteers who have impacted positively in the development of the home.

A visit to this home is tonic for the soul and will inspire and awe even the most world-weary traveller. It is possible to spend a full or half day here with prior arrangement.

Dete Old Age Home

Originally started by the Catholic Church in 1987, Dete Old Age Home remains the only place in the wider Hwange area for elderly without family and unable to look after themselves. At present, 28 people live there and many more are supported at their places of residence. Today the Old Age Home boost of a rich nutritious vegetable garden, improved health and living conditions for the elderly, all as a result of tremendous efforts by The Mother Africa Trust. The Trust continues to provide sustainable support in the form of clothing, medication, food and provision of technical expertise in fixing the borehole and washing machine. Guests are more than welcome to visit or even volunteer to get involved.

Walk In My Shoes

Somehow somewhere in the communities of Zimbabwe many are walking bare foot to school, to the fields, to the clinic…being exposed to unsanitary conditions. Through our Walk In My Shoes initiative we have collected and distributed more than 200 pairs of shoes to less fortunate children and needy members in rural communities of Zimbabwe. We hope to reach out to many out there; some have never owned a pair of shoes before. The goal is to provide relief. You can make a huge difference too. Walk in my shoes…share the love and touch a soul.

The Goat Gift Project

As a step towards empowering our communities, The Mother Africa Trust recently introduced a sustainable project for child headed families and the needy in our communities. The Goat Gift Project entails a gift of one or two goats to a family. Once the goats reproduce the initial goats are passed on to another family. Goats are ideal for drought prone areas. They tend to reproduce quickly and they can free a family from the dependence cycle within two years of they are well taken care of. Once they multiply, a struggling family can sell some of their goats to pay school fees for children or use the money to buy basic commodities