Cultural Activities

Sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences

The purpose of our cultural activities is to facilitate exchange between people of Zimbabwe and tourists coming from all over the world.

We create an environment where locals and international travellers can exchange knowledge, share ideas, as well as inspire and connect in various cultural fields.

My Beautiful Home Cycle Tour – Matopos

A great escape from the city noise, chaos and dust, all you can hear are chirping birds, bells of grazing cattle and happy voices of children playing under trees. As you pedal following a path the kind that leads herds of cattle to a well, you will encounter a village that truly reflects the typical traditional African homesteads.

These traditional homesteads are some of the most extraordinary in the world and they are entirely built by hands. Using materials that nature provides the locals have built themselves beautiful, styled and decorated huts.

This is home, a safe haven where children are raised, meals are prepared. Here you will meet very kind and friendly people who are willing to share the joy, the passion and the beautiful aspects of their culture.

Experience Village Tours – Matopos and Hwange

Whether you are in Matopo Hills or visiting the Majestic and wild Hwange National Park, taking a village tour will show you what traditional life in Zimbabwe is like. It is a fascinating opportunity to discover Zimbabwe from the people themselves.

In as much as our village tours are inspiring and educating, guests also have an opportunity to understand the customs, practices, and lifestyle of local people. More than 60 per cent of Zimbabwe’s population live in rural areas and these are the people who share with guests indigenous skills and demonstrate how one can find joy with the simple things in life.

Village stays and village dinners are available in Matopos and these facilitate guests to enjoy traditional meals, traditional songs and dances while experiencing the real authentic African experience.

Community Events

We bring together people and communities through events, celebrating and promoting sports and conservation.

Celebrating independence day at Dete (2018)