Past Achievements

You made a difference

The Solar Power System – Njelele Primary School

In October 2015 Mother Africa Trust installed a 960W solar power system worth US$7000 at Njelele Primary, a school located in the heart of Matopo Hills, just at the foot of the sacred mountain Njelele. The solar energy created so many opportunities for the school and it enabled students to see first-hand how sunlight is converted to electricity. Solar power also meant more arts, P.E, and IT equipment for this rural school. This system became a source of happiness to Njelele community and this development was truly appreciated.

Drought Relief feeding program

In the height of the drought in 2016, The Mother Africa Trust engaged with 5 schools in The Matobo region and fed 923 children every day for 6 months.

Mabale Primary School

In 2016 Mabale Primary School in Hwange received a substantial grant in aid via my Mother Africa Trust from the Australian Embassy. The donation consisted of sports kits, hundreds of children’s desks, chairs and stools. These school children used to sit on the floor and write on their lap. This amazing gift from the Australian people contributed to promoting a child-friendly environment.  

The same school was having a serious shortage of classrooms to an extent that some lessons were conducted outside under the trees. Our first intervention was to renovate a classroom block that was in the verge of collapsing due to damage caused by termites. We provided the material and the community provided the skill and the labour, the result was a safe and conducive additional learning structure. In 2017 we also made tremendous efforts to source roofing material to complete a classroom block which had been under construction for more than 2 years due to the shortage of financial resources. Special thanks to our partners in the UK, Bishop Primary School and Majove Elementary School in US and all donors who contributed towards this noble cause. The good news is that all lessons are now conducted in classrooms even though there is still need for more classrooms to reduce pressure on overcrowded classrooms.