Purpose Driven Safaris

It’s not a trip or a vacation, it’s a second life!

Volunteers are an important part of our organization and help us in many ways to bring about sustainability and development in needy areas of Matobo Hills and Hwange District. We operate holidays that make a difference: offering people from all walks of life an opportunity to utilise their strengths and connect with projects they feel passionately about.

The itineraries enable you to experience the best of Zimbabwe whilst supporting community and conservation initiatives: child development, sustainable community projects, infrastructure development, education and mitigation of wildlife and human conflict. From the hills of Matopos to the planes of Hwange National Park – this programme shows it all!

Volunteering in Zimbabwe, with such open, friendly and grateful communities, is a unique and often humbling experience. We understand and work with our cultures and not against them. Fully compliant with 2 District Councils, our work is both sustainable and rewarding and the accommodation is in two stunning safari lodges, Amalinda Lodge and Ivory Lodge.

We encourages group/corporate volunteering, where we have workmates, friends or even a family that come together to explore the African grounds while leaving a behind a lasting legacy and part of themselves in the hearts of locals.   

For “Purpose driven” Safari, we offer an 8 day package where volunteers partake in most exciting projects in two amazing areas of wild Zimbabwe. We guarantee, this is life-changing.

Volunteerism at its best: Meet the Mains’l team

Eight years have gone by and their commitment and sheer selfless sense of wanting to give back to the community is unwavering but amazing. We celebrate the partnership and more than 30 volunteers that they have introduced to Mother Africa Trust projects since 2010. Their 8th mission was life changing and here are some highlights of work they did.