How to help?

Zimbabwe is a country that has undergone much turmoil in its recent history. As with most cases of political unrest it is the average citizen who is left with little choices in order to improve their circumstances. The Zimbabwean nation is a proud one, they do not willingly accept handouts but give them a chance to work for any benefits and they will do so with gratitude and sincerity.


Mother Africa is totally dependent on volunteer involvement to keep our projects afloat. And its people like you who are making a real difference to local people’s lives and helping to safeguard Zimbabwe’s wildlife.

Volunteering in Zimbabwe with such open and friendly people, who are truly grateful for the assistance and funding volunteers provide is a unique and often life changing event. Our volunteers mostly leave with a changed perception on life, and a deeper appreciation for Africa and its people.

For more information about volunteering with Mother Africa and to browse our programmes please visit Volunteering with MA


We’re always looking for new partnerships as well as donations of anything. We feel that spreading the message is one of the most beneficial things people can do to help. Donations of everything from clothes to money to knowledge will be gratefully received.

For more information about how to donate, please visit our Wish List and Donations page.